“You have an incredible gift as a teacher.  Your competence is clear, but so is your humility and your faith in the innate skills of others.” -2014 student

“I loved the positive atmosphere.  No matter what we were doing, you, Maria, and Miwa (our T.A.) made us feel like we could succeed.” -2014 student

“The balance of learning through lecture and hands-on (increasing hands-on time as the course progressed) felt perfect.” -2013 student

“That [this class] was taught by a woman was more important than being all women in the course, though I enjoyed both aspects. The instructor gave direct feedback and didn’t coddle.” -2013 student

“I loved how knowledgable you are and how willing to share with us. And how you totally believed in our ability to learn these skills and do the work. You didn’t hide the hard stuff from us (or if you did, you did it so well I had no idea!)” -2013 student

“I really can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this class! I really did have a lot of fear of the equipment coming in and feel so much more confident and prepared to try out these skills.” -2013 student

“[Maria] is an OUTSTANDING timber framer..who helped us build our house. If you are interested in learning from not only a talented carpenter but a really good person who is dedicated to doing things right…the first time please learn from Maria. I am thrilled to know she is teaching!” – Joanne and Deborah Cippola-Dennis, clients

test-double-dog-24“Maria was on the timber-framing team that community-built the vendor pavilions for Trumansburg Farmers Market & the local community in 2010. She knows her stuff and she’s a good communicator!” – Deirdre Cunningham, Market Manager at the Trumansburg Farmers’ Market

“Knowing and working with Maria and witnessing her projects, and the teams she has lead, people in this course will be present to an extraordinary learning environment. This is an opportunity to access excellence.” – Ben Boynton, owner of Red Barn Cabinet Shop

I have watched Maria closely working for several months on my own house. She is extraordinarily skillful and resourceful at dealing with every kind of situation and is an effective leader of her team. She is surely a terrific teacher, given her temperament, and I only wish that I could have sent my daughters to study with her. – Don Randel, Ithaca homeowner