Sponsor a Tiny House Course

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Are you thinking of building a tiny house? Are you a DIYer who would like to know your construction process was supervised by a professional? Are you interested in supporting educational opportunities for new women carpenters?

Build your tiny house by sponsoring a Hammerstone tiny house course!

When you sponsor our classes with your tiny house project, there are certain benefits to you, the client: the labor done by the classes is free, you get to participate in any of those classes free of charge, and you receive the intangible benefit of getting to know a community of women participating in the construction of your house.

There are certain obligations when you collaborate with our school to build your house. All materials in the construction of the tiny house are paid for by the client, as well as a portion of the labor necessary for the tiny house to be ready for scheduled classes (including design and project management).

At the end of the scheduled classes, you are free to take the project as-is, or to hire Hammerstone to complete your tiny house build.

If you are interested in pursuing this creative and collaborative way of building your tiny house please contact us by email.