Raise a Wall Specialty Course

Our “Raise a Wall” specialty course is a great skill and team-building exercise.  

skill and team building while raising a stick framed wall in a Hammerstone School Carpentry for Women courseCost per student: $80 (includes lunch and t-shirt)
Minimum course cost: $1000 plus materials
Maximum number of students: 20
Materials Fee per student: none
Time: 3 hours (9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00)

You will need to bring:  Hammerstone provides all tools for this class.

Who is this class for: All our specialty classes are open to any group, male, female or co-ed, of any skill level.

Pre-requisites: None

Overview: Stick framed houses are built by assembling small timbers in a regular pattern.  The process of framing a wall – cutting studs, laying out plates, nailing it together – can then be translated to framing other parts of the house: floor and roof.  At the same time that students are learning about the concepts behind modern house construction, they are also learning hands on tool skills.  In 3 short hours we learn to measure, mark, sharpen a pencil, cut with a circular saw, and hammer nails.  Camaraderie is built as students pair up to measure and cut, and then work together to assemble and raise the wall.

Topics Covered:

  • Theory of stick framing
  • Measuring
  • Layout and marking
  • Cross-cutting with circular saw
  • Fastening with nails
  • Raising a wall

Project Description: Working together, students build a sample wall.  The wall built is long enough for each pair of students to work on cutting and fastening their own stud.

Take Home: There is no take-home project from this class.