Build a Picnic Table Specialty Course

Our picnic table specialty course  is a great way  to strengthen bonds within a tight group by working on a project together.

Cost per student: $180 (includes lunch and t-shirt)
Minimum course cost: $1440 plus materials
Maximum number of students: 12
Materials Fee: dependent on material choices
Time: 1 day – 9:00 – 4:30

Pricing: Because of the different materials choices and size options for a picnic table, pricing is determined on a course by course basis.  Please contact for more information.

You will need to bring:  Hammerstone provides all tools for this class.

Who is this class for: All our specialty classes are open to any group, male, female or co-ed, of any skill level.

Pre-requisites: None

Overview: A Picnic table is the perfect project for new carpenters to tackle: it offers construction challenges while being forgiving of mistakes.  Camaraderie and trust is built within your group as you work together on a project that will serve as a lasting reminder of your efforts.  In this class, students will learn some theory behind furniture construction, how to read plans, how to measure and mark out pieces, how to cut lumber with the circular saw, and how to assemble the table.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic structural theory
  • Measuring
  • Layout and marking
  • Cross-cutting with circular saw
  • Routers
  • Assembly with screws, nails and bolts

Project Description: Working together, students build a picnic table. 

Take Home: One picnic table per class