One on One Tutorials

Tutorials are an opportunity to learn at Hammerstone School in a one-on-one environment. Tutorials are flexible; they may be scheduled at any time, for any length of time.  One on one tutorials are available to men and women.

Contact Hammerstone School at 607-351-6878, or to work out a course plan and schedule.

Sketchup tutorial:Sketchup tutorial example

Sketchup is a powerful, yet easy to use CAD (computer aided design) tool created by Google. Best of all, it’s FREE! Anyone can use Sketchup, from architects to engineers, from builders to lay-people. You can design something as simple as a bookshelf, or as complicated as a skyscraper, in as much detail as you wish. You can even use Sketchup to design models to print on a 3D printer.

Our Sketchup tutorial is tailored to your individual experience level and needs, from beginner to advanced.

Cost: $50/hour
2-person tutorials: $75/hour
Location negotiable.

Carpentry tutorial one on oneCarpentry tutorial:

If you would like one-on-one time with an instructor to develop skills or work on your own project, you may design an individual carpentry tutorial with Maria Klemperer-Johnson. Maria will work with you to develop a tutorial plan that will accomplish your goals.

Cost: $50/hour
2-person tutorials: $75/hour
Location: Hammerstone facilities in Trumansburg, NY