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Organize a Hammerstone Bachelorette Party! 

Is there a wedding in your future?

Are  you looking for a meaningful way to celebrate your friendships and send the bride off on her new journey?

Hammerstone and Iron Owl Kitchen are teaming up to offer an entertaining, educational and delicious alternative to the traditional bachelorette party. At the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful, personalized picnic table, made from local larch, to give to the couple-of-honor on their wedding day.


Picnic table croppedParty Project:

We structure our bachelorette parties around the construction of a picnic table.  This project can be built by novice carpenters in a 5 hour class, and makes a beautiful and functional gift for the wedding couple.  The picnic table is built out of larch (tamarack), a local, rot-resistant lumber that also happens to be exceptionally beautiful.

Close up platterParty Schedule:

Your bachelorette party starts at 11:00 am with a delicious light lunch provided by our partner, Iron Owl Kitchen.  After lunch and an introduction to tool use and safety, we’ll dive into cutting the parts for the picnic table.  Mid-afternoon we’ll stop for a snack of cookies and tea or coffee (beverages are available throughout the day) and to regroup our energy.  The rest of the afternoon will be spent assembling and personalizing the picnic table.  Once we’re done, we’ll take a quick break to wash up, and then reconvene to enjoy a delicious evening repast once again provided by Iron Owl Kitchen.  

If you would like to schedule additional activities for your Bachelorette Party, consider our list of additional bachelorette party resources.

How it works:

Choose a date:

Hammerstone has classes scheduled many weekends in the summer and while we are sometimes available to offer a bachelorette party at the same time as a class, this is not always possible.  Contact info@hammerstoneschool.com to confirm the availability of a date and to schedule your party.  You can review our calendar to see current scheduled courses.

Reserve your course with a deposit:

All bachelorette parties are reserved with a non-refundable $500 deposit.  The remainder of the workshop fee is due two weeks before the party date.  Our standard cancellation policies apply.  All dates for bachelorette parties must be approved, so please contact info@hammerstoneschool.com to confirm and pay your deposit.

Show up for the fun and learning:

Summer parties happen at Hammerstone’s facilities at 3285 Jacksonville Rd., Trumansburg, NY, 14886.  We also rent a heated barn in fall/winter, so don’t hesitate to schedule your party any time of year.  We can also bring the party to your location for an additional fee.  Contact info@hammerstoneschool.com to inquire.


Bachelorette Parties have a base cost of $1700 which covers materials for the picnic table, instruction for up to 8 participants, light lunch, tea and cookies, and evening meal for up to 8 participants.  Additional participants beyond 8 cost $125/person (up to 14).   


What is and is not included in the cost of the bachelorette party?
The cost of the bachelorette party covers picnic table materials, carpentry instruction and all meals. The cost does not include travel to and from Hammerstone, nor does it cover delivery of picnic table.  The table can be delivered for a negotiated price depending on distance.

Does Hammerstone offer other services in conjunction with the Bachelorette Party?
We know there there is probably a lot more you’d like to do on this special day.  While we don’t book any additional services through our site, we can recommend a variety of complimentary options such as glamping, farm-yoga and wine tours.  Visit our additional bachelorette party resources page to see a full listing.

Are bachelorette parties for women only?
Hammerstone: Carpentry for Women, LLC focuses on women-only education in our regular course schedule.  However, bachelorette parties are open to a group of your own making, any gender included.

Is any carpentry experience necessary?
No.  Most of Hammerstone’s classes are designed for people with no carpentry experience at all.  We have years of experience introducing brand new students to carpentry skills and theory.  Even participants with no experience will leave our bachelorette party comfortable using both hand and power tools.

What skills will we learn?
You will learn carpentry fundamentals such as reading plans, measuring and marking, as well as how to cut pieces using a circular saw, shape edges using a router, and fasten parts together using a screws and bolts.  Safety is always at the forefront of our instruction, and each new tool will be introduced with a full safety overview.

Do I need to bring any tools?
We will provide all necessary tools.  However, if you have some of your own tools and would like to bring them, please consult our tool list.  Any items on this tool list would be appropriate at the bachelorette party.

How many participants may attend?
The maximum number of participants is 14.

What is provided for the meals?
Iron Owl Kitchen lovingly creates delicious meals from local ingredients.  Their main courses revolve around a Vietnamese style noodle bowl focusing on the bountiful and colorful produce harvested from local farms.  Completely vegetarian or vegan options are available, and Iron Owl Kitchen can craft food to suit other dietary restrictions.  Grilled meat is available for an additional charge.

Are we allowed to consume alcoholic beverages?

Because we will be working with hand and power tools in a shop setting, no alcohol will be tolerated for the construction portion of the party.  Any participants arriving intoxicated or hungover will be asked to leave.  You may bring your own alcoholic beverages for the evening meal portion of the bachelorette party, but we ask that you reserve rowdiness for another venue.

Where do classes take place?
Our 3-season teaching facility is at 3285 Jacksonville Rd., Trumansburg, NY 14886.  In winter, we teach in a heated barn at a nearby farm.