• Rough Framing Course

    Join us in August to learn the fundamentals of stick framing.

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  • Summer is Coming

    Build a classic Adirondack chair with us.

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  • Kumiko!

    Learn a traditional Japanese art

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  • Build a Bookcase

    Join us for this perrenial favorite in October

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  • Table Saw Fundamentals

    Learn to safely use the most powerful tool in your shop in this 1-day class

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Hammerstone School offers a variety of carpentry courses for women. Our classes range from basic skills-building workshops, to longer, more in-depth intensives. Students of all experience level are welcome. Our classes build community and camaraderie as well as structures.

The Hammerstone School Mission

Through the teaching of excellent building skills, Hammerstone School aims to empower women to use their bodies and minds for creative and useful ends. By increasing the skills of individual women, we hope to increase the number of women in the trades, and ultimately change workplaces for women in and outside of the trades.

“The balance of learning through lecture and hands-on (increasing hands-on time as the course progressed) felt perfect.

– 2013 Student